Saturday, August 01, 2009


First of 2 Weekend Concerts Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the TSP Riot .

He looks so lonely..and today is pouring out..the cops must be somewhat relieved..
Why bother to make a lame attempt to put on a show if you're not going to do it RIGHT?
"Big turnout! Nee-uk,nee-uk,nee-yawwwww!!!" :-P
Yesterday when the rain stopped I went for a walk in the park--lots of cop cars patroling the park in twos and few people.
This is really so fucking pathetic!!!! A real laughing stock for sure!!!!
I see that shitbrain "Anonymous" (9:22) is still living up to my expectations....
The more I look at this photo,the more I cannot believe it!!! What the fuck were these people thiking anyway???
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