Sunday, August 09, 2009


Dog with Hot Dog

Is this Jesse Jane looking fierce??
that's not hot dog, thats jim!
jim seems in good spirits lately. wondering what he thinks of the attention he got from time out ny.
Jim was upset by the lack of a name in the first issue but happy with the correction . No idea how much he profited from the published picture of his work .
Jim is very excited about the block party on st. marks that will be happening in septemeber.
Please let me know how I can provide Jesse Jane with some dog food!
It is difficult to say how to get food for Jesse Jane to Jim since right now one never knows where the pair can be found . Jesse though as of now does probably have enough to eat .
I saw Jesse Jane and Jim at 1st and 9th so I ducked into a deli and bought a bag of food for Jesse... she seemed grateful.
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