Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Cowboy Stan Drinks at Ray's , 113 Avenue A

A rare sight indeed..Is that a tamarindo eggcream?
...it's a drink . Ray doesn't sell drinks . Cowboy is drinking at Ray's ...right ?
...actually a favorite of LES Jewels and many others on the avenue ,Smirnoff Ice .
Hey Man! How ya gonna rat on the cowboy????

I'm sure some boy SPIKEd his drink......

Get it????

By the way, I saw Eden and John play in San Fransisco, and they ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heheh..Thanks! Ray's rock would have been proud..
Spike will be back to drink all of Cowboys drinks ...and soon but not soon enough for Cowboy . .
The Rock was active in San Fransisco during the 60's.

But after the Tate Labianca murders, left for New York once he found a scapegoat to take the blame.

Originally called The Mason family, the name was changed to Manson to throw off any investigators who may actually have been doing their jobs.

Regrouping in NYC, the rock enlisted The Cowboy, in memory of his former compatriot Tex. Of course Spike went the way of Squeeky From and the rest of the girls by doing time for the cause. I believe from the jail house letters that I've seen, that she is still in some sort of subliminal contact with the Rock.

Charles Manson wrote a song called garbage dump.

I believe that he was speaking of a certain apartment there on the LES.

Hold on....... I have something in my shoe........Noooooooooooooo!
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