Sunday, July 12, 2009


Saturday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

Nice photos Bob. Nice seeing you yesterday in the park. The Mosh Pit Exists.
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I can see Chris Flash taking a photo directly back at you in the 3rd pic. He is just above the crotch shot, behind the stage. You should get a hold of the pic that he took. It would be a mirror image of you.

Too bad Nico "Little bird bones'" head got chopped in the pic. I always enjoy looking at her pretty eyes.

Sorry I missed the show. But I'm not sorry that I left NYC.....

Says who??

Oh that's right, your anonymous....

Says who??

Oh that's right, your anonymous....
What's the difference who says "gross?"

Oh yeah, I forgot, if *you're* not in lock step with the opinion of everyone else in this neighborhood, you're not welcomed.

This neighborhood is *yours!* Because you got here from Kansas City in 1987, damnit!
I am a douche

I am a scum bag

And I got you covered..........:-)
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