Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Benefit for Ray and His Neighborhood Candy Store at Otto's Shrunken Head Thursday Night

According to the organizers' wishes, this benefit concert is supposed to be a secret they do NOT want Ray to know about, until they can surprise him with the proceeds....
Ray will probably find out anyway..He did when we had the csquat one..he'll just be happy about the dough! Sorry to be missing it..hope it goes well.
See you'all soon!
I met Ray on the first days of July 09 through my friend Charly Posusta. We tried the Belgian fries. Next day I brought my children Renata (15) and Pablo (12) -who have lived abroad many years and had tasted many fries- to tried them and gave their marks.
They've got 9 and 10 respectively.
Ray appreciated their professionalism

I celebrate the initiative for the Benefit of Ray. Have fun.

Juan González M. (Mexico City)
How did the benefit go??I was not in town for it. Love to see any photos taken if possible.
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