Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Trouble at the Chess Tables for the Groper .....

Tuesday night uniformed police were on avenue A and in Tompkins Square Park . Foot patrols were walking the avenue side walk and foot patrols and motor patrols were regularly seen in TSP .No matter the police presence though neither peace nor harmony were possible in TSP .
Sometime around 10 PM a heated altercation at the chess tables in TSP turned violent . 2 very animated males were arguing vociferously with the Groper . Tonight she was not groping , just in the males' faces arguing . One of the males punched the Groper in the face producing a bloody nose and a swollen painful lip . Police were called .
Several uniform officers arrived at the scene . Suspects were questioned and 1 male was arrested , cuffed and hauled away on assault charges .
Its becoming clear that just more police on the street and in the park will not bring peace and harmony to TSP and avenue A . Tonight the additional special help needed to achieve that end though may have arrived . Terrific twosome "Citizen Prime" and "Dark Guardian"made a timely show on avenue A at midnight offering to help fight crime and bring social harmony to the neighborhood .

So the cops are back, huh? Poor groper..
The heros have arrived!!! To save us all from certain doom!!! As it was written in the prophecies of long ago...Citizen Prime,and Dark Guardian!!! Evil doer's beware!!! I am glad you were there to great them Bob!!! Yup....
Around 2am, I ran into the guy who hit the Groper, after he was released by the Ninth Precinct with a "DAT" (Desk Appearance Ticket -- a summons to appear in court at a later date, like getting a ticket for going through a red light.) He calls himself "Trouble" (he has the letters T-R-O-U-B-L-E tatooed on his left forearm.)

He said that the Groper was getting loud with him and another guy in the park, so he decided to punch her out to shut her up. He said that he was released without going through the system (practically unheard of these days) because the cops processing him agreed that she deserved to get beaten.

He was quite proud of what he'd done and he feels that the cops are behind him.

He says that his goal is to make the Groper leave town, or else, he says, he'll "shove a piece of steel" into her.

He might get another ticket for doing that....
Yeah, but who's watching the Watchmen?
Depends on where he shoves it.........

I find that the quickest way to a woman's heart is through her rib cage.


You can't live with them

And you can't stop the dogs from digging them up................
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