Friday, June 05, 2009


Rainy Afternoon

That last pic is really surreal and i like it.
Great shots Bob. Sultry--dark--wet.
Wha? Is some girl just flashing everyone in the park?
Hey Bob! What's up with the feet? First V. Greco's feet with the shoes with the feather,and now these pretty,dirty wet feet? Are you going through your "feet period" Like Picasso went through his "Blue period"??? Or,is your foot fetish coming out in spades? Concerned parties would like to know....
The feet were nice, but I like the shot of her standing by the water fountain.......

Must be part of the Parks Dept. beautification program.

I must say that I like her better than Victor Greco's feet...

But then, Greco does not flash in the park. Not intentionally anyway.....
The feet do not belong to the woman at the water fountain . Also they were intended as a picture of a rather nasty Staphylococcus infection . That isn't obvious because the image was accidentally over developed resulting in some tonal detail being lost.
Also as we were taking the feet picture , Victor , but a mere 10 feet away , was being escorted to an ambulance for a ride to detox .

Victor's picture was more about the feathers in his shoes . Todays picture was a picture of desease .
The skin looks really bad--hope he will be okay--they should take him to an infectious specialist not detox.
Victor is a really nice person.
God bless him.
how infectious is that kind of staph? Can i get it off benches?
Whose the skank at the waterfountain?
That's no skank.
That's my future x wife!!!
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