Monday, May 25, 2009


These Boots Weren't Made For Walkin' ....

This evening ended with a trip to the hospital : sobering-up and whatever medical treatment necessary . She claimed a blow to her head with a ketchup bottle left her with a large bump on her scalp . We did feel a lump on the back top side of her head the next day but witnesses' accounts do not all support her claim that a ketchup bottle produced it . By all accounts though Thursday evening between 10:30 PM and 11:00 PM , on avenue A between 7th street and Saint Marks Place was a bit frenzied .
It had been a beautiful fresh spring day and the evening was much the same . It was an evening to be enjoyed and the Groper only wanted to sip her drink , listen to some music and dance slowly by herself on the avenue A sidewalk . She pulled on her new stiletto heeled black boots , put the ear phones to her ears ,sipped a drink and blissfully started to dance .
Unfortunately though she had chosen to have her evening's pleasures in the wrong place . She was dancing in front of the open doors of a largely empty restaurant . The restaurant management was not pleased that she was stepping, twirling and sipping at their front door . After a few pleasant minutes she was chased away ,this first time with perhaps the use of excessive force . After a few minutes though the groper defiantly returned , now wearing her wings .
After briefly entering the restaurant for a few feet and shouting some taunts at the restaurant manager she was again chased away from the front of the restaurant . This time down the street to a local groceria which she entered to take refuge . Her large threatening foe entered the groceria too . She was confronted face-to-face and was verbally threatened ; told to stay away or else . She would not be bullied though ; she called the cops .
There was little that the police could do as she stood outside the restaurant and coarsely and loudly growled some old Italian curses . As she defiantly bellowed and paced back-and-forth on the sidewalk the manager of course bellowed back . She then sat down all alone on the sidewalk and defied anyone to mess with her . From a simple desire for a few untroubled moments for herself all of this had come to pass .
The police called for an ambulance . Sending her to a hospital where some one else would have to deal with her was the easiest solution for them . She was eventually coaxed , in tears , into the ambulance and hauled away to a hospital . This event was not to be finished here though .
The next day the Groper told us that she entered the restaurant with a large plastic bottle of organic ketchup , opened the bottle and hurled the rich , red healthful contents all about .

yeah, she definitely doesn't deserve a beat down. [cough cough sarcasm cough]
Bob -

I think you glorify this woman and her adventures. It's a rather beautiful composition of images and words, but I'd like to offer an opposing opinion.

She is a nuisance to hardworking business owners and people who are trying to get around and maybe go out and enjoy their own night.

She appears desperate for attention and I think it is reasonable to say she is deranged.

I'm born and raised in the East Village but this she is the kind of old school flavor that just leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth, and I hope she moves on and STAYS AWAY soon.
Of course this kind of behavior is a problem for the business along avenue A . We know this and are sympathetic to the bussinesses along avenue A but the behavior depicted is as much avenue A as anything is .There is much worse going on commonly at this location .

In this case we show graphically what would seem to be sympathy because she was hurt in a way that was unnecessary .We show this event in this way in this post because this is how it was .

We try to be as graphically powerful as we can be .No one can be signifigantly presented in text and picture without humanizing them to the point of being a real person ,warts ,beauty marks ,stiletto heels and all .

She is a real person and that is what we attempt show . We try to present at least part of the post from her perspective on things also . Thats part of her .Thats an essential element of the rendering of this event . Most everything we do is done this way .

We are well aware of your critiscim well before you offer it . We know in detail what some will say as we write these little posts .

We are not condoning her behavior nor are we supporting the rough handling offered her by the restaurant management .What is shown here is what happened presented graphically in strong colors.

We are simply presenting avenue A from an eye view that isn't the common one .It is certainly not a view that glorifies anyone , not in this post .

Finally , the sidewalk is public space , there for all to use . We still have not resolved this issue sufficiently to have harmony on avenue A .
People are trying to run a business and have to deal with mentally ill persons disrupting it. Getting clocked is not surprising.
Hi Bob,

The fact of the matter is that "The Groaper" IS a persona bi product of a bi polar personality being self medicated via an on going alchoholic binge.

She collects a disability check for her mental disorder monthly, and because of this, is able to access the company of various male neredowells who will assist her in her private war until either she gets them arrested, beat up, or runs out of money.

She is personally responsible for many assaults via her male companions, and is the personification of what would happen if women were the ones with testicles.

They put Black Ops Bob away for verbalizing his fantasies.

You would think that they would give her a room at Bellview for actualizing her's..........

But no..... they finance her trip on the road to ruin.

It's a shame that others are forced to come along for the ride.

And then of course there is my hypothesis about the demonic presence and often obsession extant there on the LES...........
I'm not even sure how "glorified" she is being. This seems pretty honest. I think the staff of Odessa's (who I consider to be really kind individuals) might be portrayed as a little evil.
While I am sympathetic to true community-based businesses attempting to operate without problems, there is a certain finesse that's lacking in some of these people, hence their physical violence against a drunken woman.

Running or managing a business gives no one the right to punch her, hit her with a ketchup bottle and attempt to smash her with a metal stool. This only aggravates the situation, resulting in an escalated response.

Real New Yorkers know that there is a friendly non-confrontational way to handle the Groper, who, at the end of the day, is just looking for a little love.
Aww..Chris...Your post is sweet!
Point taken, Chris. Well said.

I guess that sometimes it's a little difficult to think clearly when adrenaline is pumping and you are in the heat of the moment.

Still, I admit hurling of condiments isn't very chivalrous.
She's a stupid cunt!
....and you're an Anonymous dick....
i was there and have awful iphone photos of this event. she was back 2 days ago too yelling at the manager of odessa. check my blog for a picture oh said event
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