Saturday, May 23, 2009


On Avenue A , What's This "Shadow " Reader's Favorite Beverage ? Why , Sparks Malt Liquor Of Course

I love this pic..just as I love her.
Who needs LES Jewels? We done got ourselves "The Groper" and she's a helluva lot more fun!!

(I must say I admire her taste in newspapers!)
Is that the beloved Groper Gal?
ooh, i saw her earlier in the daylight on ave a. you really captured her careening energy.
how can anyone love her or anyone like her? she is a disgrace to being a woman and constantly tries to steal from my store on the avenue.
being a follower of this wonderful blog and an alcoholic many miles away, I'd watch out for "Johnny Bootleggers". It's my drug of choice because it's easily hidden, has several alcohol percentage points on the sparks, and goes down much easier - tastes like koolaid. I can easily drink 2 in 5 minutes if I want to. yer local stores will have it soon if they dont already.
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