Monday, May 25, 2009


Saturday Night : A Homeless Mosaic Man and His Dog Jesse Jane at Ray's Candy Store .

Jim is in need of medical attention as well as a home but worse is Jesse needs medical attention and he could take her to a local vet that has treated her and he has not. The infection could be systemic and it is sad because both need care.
Must say, aside from Mosaic Man (who is neighborhood legend) I never really thought twice about these folks. They used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid buying Egg-Creams from Ray's after school. I'm glad they did, though. Built some character.

Nice site. I'm getting a good feeling learning backstories behind neighborhood faces I have grown accustomed to.
I put money into Jim's hand every chance I get. He is a treasure and perhaps more of us should do the same.
His situation is heart-breaking and I am afraid he will just disappear one day. Is there any way a benefit could be organized? Does anyone know if he has any family?
Jim does have a family and I have no idea how to help him .
Are there any posts explaining his story?
Go to the very first post . This all started with Jim on St Marks place .Just follow the story for several posts .

Of course you can also use the Blogger .search feature
very disturbing Jesse keeps her tail between her legs with Jim and she has never done that before. That is a bad sign. One someone came up and petted her, she was her old self. Jim better treat her right and not take her for granted
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