Friday, May 15, 2009


Problem Drunk Creates Turmoil Again at Ray's Candy Store Thursday Night

The young man pictured above asked us to take his picture . He was so drunk and unsteady though that all we could accomplish was a blurred likeness . We have never encountered this young man when he was sober enough to tell us his name .We do not know his name . We have recently referred to him as the "drink thief" and shown him creating a perfectly ballistic stream of urine as he pissed on himself at Ray's front door in a recent post titled "Simple Pleasures " .
This evening this young man had been causing problems up and down avenue A , in at least one case attacking a man walking with friends on avenue A . We recently have seen this young man arrested several times .
Tonight after the requested picture attempt this young man headed for Ray's Candy Store to demand free food . This is something that he had done the night before at Ray's . His presence again tonight troubled Ray noticeably .76 year old Ray is overwhelmed by this sort of behavior which is regularly exhibited by some of the folks that live on the street that come to his store .
This bobbing and weaving , slobbering ,incoherent young drunk first asked for food . Ray gave him a hot dog which he threw back at him , the hot dog landing on the counter .Next he grabbed the tip can which contained little more than a few coins . Next he made an attempt to climb over the counter to get at the cash box . 76 year old Ray stopped him and pushed him back and he fell to the floor .
At this point we decided that Ray , who was noticeably shaken and fearful , needed help . We thus entered the fray . The young drunk as we entered the store was just up from the floor and clinging to the ATM machine for support . We asked him to leave the store . Ray offered more food but the uncooperative drunk only became belligerent . We asked that some one call 911
We pulled the young man from the ATM , he fell to the floor stunning him enough , being extremely intoxicated , that we could drag him like a sack of potatoes out of the store . We placed him near the garbage on the sidewalk where he lay motionless for some time .
After a few minutes he was back up at the door . We walked out to the sidewalk where the young drunk , now surprisingly exhibiting some clarity and sense of purpose , started throwing punches at us . We danced and weaved a bit , deflecting numerous punches with one hand ; the other hand was holding our camera to protect it . One punch got close enough though to graze our right cheek but no damage was done .
In the midst of all the pugilistic action the police arrived , in considerable number . Employing some simple but very effective technique --after the young man refused a request by police to quietly lie down on the sidewalk--the young man was easily with minimal force put down on the sidewalk and cuffed by only one police officer . His pockets were searched . He was stood up , walked to an RMP and hauled away to lock up and detox somewhere , charged with harassing Ray .


Even though I don't live in yr neighborhood, I somehow got sucked into yr blog a few months back, and now the drama's got me hooked. I think there's going to be some kind of dramatic finale to the whole Ray's / TSP beatings - which aren't linked, but I think they'll both be resolved for better or for worse before the summer is over.

Anyway...thanks for getting involved, both specifically as in this instance, and generally as with your blog and pictures.
wish there was a hose at ray's--that guy needed to be sprayed. i wonder if his sister sees this. he looked good in a blazer one night when he was coherent; God knows why he ever took it off.

hi bob, it's amy! i would've loved to throw that guy on the ground: "wake up!" ..if he wouldn't have overpowered me..!
Ah, poor Ray...
Ray should have a can of mace on hand to rid himself of this sort of scum.

Where's the groper when we need her????
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