Thursday, May 21, 2009


Parisians Visit World Famous Ray's Candy Store ...

Last night Olivier and Marion returned to Ray's . Both live in Paris now but had in the past lived in New York . We last saw Olivier a couple of years ago when he was making his last visit to Ray's before returning to his native France .
Last night Olivier and Marion were doing what so many others do when in New York City . They were visting Ray's world famous candy store . They were reminiscing with Ray while enjoying some of Ray's world famous Belgian Fries and Hot Dogs . One helping was not enough though . Shortly after their initial visit with Ray and his culinary delights they returned to his candy store for more of the same .

S'up Bob? I spoke with you last night on Ave A as you were looking out for Ray. Hope that drunk a@#hole didn't come back to the store. If you need assistance with anything, don't hesitate to ask. -Christopher
thanx Christopher
Bob! Didn't I hear Oliver and Marion,both exclaiming;something to the effect,"we don't need no stinking French Fries!";I thought I heard them say that? Anyway,I think it's great that they came all the way from France to New York,for the Belgian Fries at Ray's! Yup!
les pommes frites--ca me plait beaucoup aussi!!~
thanks for the post Bob !
We are leaving NY tomorrow, we'll miss the 7a corner !! I'll send you a couple of pictures we took the other day !
I (olivier)'ll be back in ny end of June, so see you then !

Thanks again


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