Friday, May 22, 2009


Jose Palacios Makes $1000 Bail and Returns to Create More Turmoil on Avenue A ...

For the third day in a row Jose Palacios , above holding a pink slip of paper that is likely a restraining order , has been on avenue A again near Ray's Candy Store causing trouble . Mr. Palacio was recently arrested for harassing and assaulting Ray Alvarez in his candy store . We posted on this previous arrest recently here at NMNL . In this and other recent posts , not having his proper name , we have referred to Mr. Palacios as the "drink thief" . Mr. Palacios' bail was set at $1000 which he somehow managed to make . Mr. Palcios has an order restraining him from being in or around Ray's Candy Store at 113 avenue A . Today he was again clearly in violation of that restraining order .
According to witnesses today in keeping with his moniker "drink thief" , Mr. Palacios attempted to take a pitcher of sangria from patrons sitting at the window of Yuca Bar . Witnesses also noted that Mr. Palacios entered next door at Alphabets and also entered and menaced customers at both Odessa Restaurant and Odessa Cafe/Bar . Police eventually came to the scene at Odessa Restaurant after the owner of the restaurant walked across the street and got their attention . Personnel at both Alphabets and Odessa confirmed the account here that was provided by witnesses .
Mr. Palacios was taken into custody by police , though not cuffed , and removed by ambulance ,likely taken to detox at a hospital . It was not clear whether Mr. Palacios was actually arrested .

this guy is pathetic, bothering people trying to just live their lives ( i guess that's his life). someday he'll piss off the wrong person.
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