Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Avenue A Nocturne

I Love It!! Great photos of the street and palm tree--
What about our little TSP rats ? Don't you like them too Melanie ?
Not big on the rats--but they do fit in.
Nice ATM at Niagra Bar with no takers...very apocalyptic Bob!!!!
Cochise needs to be there yelling at it..
Ah , true so true Eden . Next time when he is not in jail and is out on the street I will photograph him in a meaningful conversation with the ATM . That of coures would be a more true and telling avenue A night song .
How poetic. Why is Cochise in jail??
Who knows . Perhaps he isn't in jail and was simply abducted by aliens and is living in the belly of the great wheel up in the sky ,happily sequestered away in the mother ship .

Cochise goes away without explanation often .All we really know is that he hasn't been around lately .
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