Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Avenue A Groper Flees Avenue A and Tompkins Square Park ...

Sometime at the beginning of this week the Avenue A Groper took flight from avenue A and TSP . According to the Groper the violent scene on the avenue and in the park was becoming too much for her to bear .
Last week the Groper was attacked and beaten near the chess tables . Not by young Hispanic males as has been the rule in TSP lately but by old time park adults .
Two weeks ago she was slugged with a clenched fist , full force in the chest , by a male on avenue A ; a very painful , undeserved blow that made breathing difficult for her for 3 days .
More than once last week the Groper was also robbed of her possessions and money while sleeping in TSP .
Having no place to live or sleep other than in the uncertain reality of the park and the street where she was always vulnerable , the Avenue A Groper , seeking a better life , left for parts unknown . .

Well.... she's not with me!

It appears as if the "GROAPER" is not the only one who fled the area.

I for one have finally completed my Doctoral Dissertation on life ala oblivion, and have moved on to reality.

Send me your e mail address Bob, and I'll fill you in on things.

It is absolutely terrible that men were violent against this woman. That said, she put herself in danger every time she groped someone against his will.

At the time she was first reported about here, it seemed people kind of laughed off her actions, as harassment of men by woman, not being the norm, is typically treated without seriousness. Now it seems there has been a violent reaction.

Maybe the blow to the chest was unprovoked, but didn't she make herself vulnerable to such things with her previous actions? How many of us would understand a woman reacting with violence to being groped? I would and have lashed out when a man has grabbed me. Yes, it's different in many ways when a man grabs a woman. Of course she does not deserve to be beaten, but I wish someone would have been able to make her see the horrible *potential* in her putting her hands on the wrong person. I hope she gets help.
I suspect she'll be back as the weather warms. My favorite blog, by the way.
karma is a bitch
the groper did nothing to earn the beatings and the robbery . None of this had anything to do with groping . She was simply defenseless in a very hostile little hell called
Tompkins Square Park .

True the punch in the breast was a reaction to a slight fondling of some one's ass but it was a reaction far beyond any appropriate reaction to this laying on of hands .

TSP is a violent place , especially for the weaker of us . The Groper was tough but not that tough , she did at times actually cry in pain .

One has to do nothing to earn a good beating in the streets or in TSP . Perhaps this is difficult for many to understand .
I hope she can find psychiatric help in her time off from the park (unlikely).

If she tried to grope me, I'd be pissed. Never ended up seeing her walking around though.
If i was homeless, i sure the hell wouldn't be living in NY! i would hike my happy ass down the Appalachian trail to the woods and live off the land...at least there you wouldn't get mugged or beaten!
She should keep her hands to herself if she wants others to do the same.
To the most recent anonymous . AS far as the park beatings are concerned she was not touching anyone anywhere . She was attacked while sleeping , she was attacked while awake . She was also robbed ....all in TSP.
there's no difference. if someone is walking down the street minding their own business and is "groaped" it sucks. if the "groaper" is attacked in her sleep it sucks. but what goes around comes around most of the time. it's hard to get beat up at an AA meeting, or while talking with your sponsor or making a real attempt at pursuing sobriety. i wish these characters on A would take some responsibility for their lives. i know, i know, society sucks and the system is broken and all that. its a big world out there and we are only in it for a short time. thank god for that.
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