Saturday, April 04, 2009


Groper Grasps Guys Privates on Avenue A Friday Night ...

She went for whatever pleased her on avenue A Friday night . Asses or crotches to grope , her goal ; she would have them all . She preferred guys but really whatever she could get her hands on was best : one in the hand is better you know . Guys twisted , leaned , leaped and twirled ; dancing at times contortions worthy of Terpsichore herself ; performed hoping to keep their private parts safely beyond her reach .
She watched the street for just the right guys , the beautiful ones . Between gulps of Sparks Malt Liquor she spied the one she wanted and reached out to touch him . She hunched like a cougar and sprang for her prey , running after them as they ran befuddled and sometimes giggling down the street . When she did make a fruitful grope most didn't seem to mind her touch that much . Most giggled , struggled a bit , jumped away from her and hurried on down the street .
We asked the groper why she groped . She said that she liked doing it ; it made her feel really , really good . She just liked groping men's private parts . She was jonesin' for the thrill of a fruitful grope so much that she knew that it had to be an addiction . An addiction that she would never be able to kick .
Finally the police came and she and all the others drinking with her on the block disappeared into the night . .

She sees what she wants and is not afraid to grab it..
Florid prose is a nice touch, but I doubt anyone would be so accepting of a man doing this to women or other men, regardless of whether victims "seemed to mind" or not.

Ans what's up with the weird extra space before all punctuation?
I actually had a friend with the same compulsion back in the 80's. Unfortunately she would do it in crowded bar when I was with her and found myself having to bail her out of more than a few heated situations.
She sees what she wants,and she "gropes" it!!!!
Of course this would not be tolerated if a man were the groper.That's obvious,aside from the fact that this post is an example of the out of control behavior going on,on avenue A almost everyday , this is part of the reason for the post.
It shouldn't be tolerated from a woman, either.

"Out of control behavior" becomes criminal when you put your hands on someone else without consent. Lock her crazy ass up.
Where were these kind of women when I used to hang out!
Was she cute?
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