Friday, April 24, 2009


Avenue A Groper Goes to Detox ...

It was just past midnight and had been a long difficult day of drinking , confrontations and of course some groping in Tompkins Square Park and on avenue A . By early Friday morning the Avenue A Groper was just too drunk and too tired to continue ;certainly too exhausted to grope .
The exhausted groper ; effecting a deep , continuous , guttural growling utterance ; stumbled into Ray's Candy Store . Ray , concerned that she would scare away customers , held a free hot dog at his candy store's front window hoping to lure her out of his candy store and around to the front window for the free dog . She went for the bait and left Ray's candy store for the front window , took the hot dog and tried to gain entrance to a parked blue car in front of Ray's . This was a fantasy quest ; obviously the blue car's doors were locked allowing her no entry . The hot dog wasn't what she really wanted either . She ate half the dog and threw the uneaten portion to the sidewalk .
The avenue A groper was still very drunk and very hungry . She wandered further up avenue A entering Odessa restaurant where she was immediately escorted to and out the front door . Without her much desired late night snack she continued her trek up avenue passing tentatively through a group of several cops and firemen that had been called to avenue A to deal with a drunken male passed out on the sidewalk .
As the groper journeyed further up avenue A , on the block between St Marks Place and 9th street , someone called for an ambulance for her . She was taken away to detox at a local hospital for at least the better part of the night , perhaps to return to avenue A and Tompkins Square Park as soon as sun rise Friday morning .

This one should be called "Ray Feeds The HOPEless"....
Well, this is what happens when you attempt to replace Spike, and Amy Hate, while doing a Jewels impersonation.............

God, grant me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change

And the wisdom to go to DETOX...........
"Woman cannot live by groping alone"....
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