Monday, March 09, 2009


"Shots Fired" Claimed at Drom Sunday Night ...

It was claimed late Sunday night that a small caliber firearm had been discharged outside Drom at 85 avenue A . One of the security personnel employed by the club suggested that the unremarkable report that was heard was possibly produced by a starters pistol , the kind used at athletic events . It was claimed by security personnel that the weapon was fired on the sidewalk out side of the club . Police at 12:40 AM took the "shots fired" call seriously ; traveling at speed with lights flashing to the scene .
Though some individuals attested to the fact of a firearm being fired , no physical evidence that we know of remained of such an event , no casing , no powder stains , no smell of a discharged weapon , no weapon .
This Sunday evening's special event at Drom was titled " Music meets Fashion " , such was written on the sandwich board outside the club . According to some at the scene , including security personnel , several underage individuals that wanted to attend the event were denied access because of their age . These individuals responded in a heated , disruptive manner creating a chaotic and threatening situation for 20 minutes or so on the sidewalk and in the street up and down the length of the avenue A block from 6th street to 5th street . Police , having arrived in sufficient number , kept the situation under control , though at times violent conflict seemed to threaten .
As far as we know no one was arrested but it appeared that the owner of a Porsche SUV was given a ticket for either parking or standing in a bus stop zone .

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