Tuesday, March 03, 2009


A Return to Mary Help of Christians Roman Catholic Church

Last year on January 30 ,2008 we posted of this group of parishioners that daily says the Rosary on the steps of Mary Help of Christians Roman Catholic church on East 12th street . Last night , cold as it was ,this group of neighborhood parishioners was again at the steps of the church saying the Rosary . These faithful souls have been on these steps every night since the end of May in 2007 .
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I do not live in the neighborhood, but I attend one of the many Catholic Churches in the area (there are none where I live). It is sad how small and old the congregations are. There are not even alter boys. I guess the neighborhood is too expensive for practicing Catholics now. It is a shame so many beautiful churches are stuck there. I wish we could move one by my place.
In this case the church and school have been closed . though it has become difficult for the Archdiocese to maintain as many schools as it had in the past this church was in use and well attended . We have been told that it was paying its way .So Those seen here and many more were very dissapointed by the closing of the church ;they could see no legitimate reason for it being closed thus their continuing presence on the steps every night .
I just came across this site. My dad was baptized in this church in March of 1913. His baptismal certificate is in italian abd I was actually hoping to visit the Church the next time I was in Manhattan. as of 7/20/09, is this Church open or shut?

Anne Murphy
My dad was baptized in this Church in march of 1913. His baptismal certificate is in Italian. As of today, 7/20/09, is the church open or shut? I was hoping to visit the next time I'm in Manhattan.
OUr Mom and Dad were married in this church in Nov. 1933. I was so hoping to attend a Mass here
some day.
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