Friday, March 20, 2009


Predator and Prey : Red Tailed Hawk and Grey Squirrel

because this blog is dedicated to Jim you should know he feel in his newest temporary digs and broke his hand -- yes the hand he uses to lean on his cane to walk and possibly his shoulder.

We are group caring for Jesse. I had her bathed and groomed and bought a harness so she can't slip out.

She is ok but she is rarely apart. He is at the VA right now. The ambulance took him to a brooklyn hospitial but he was most unhappy. He wasted his cel phone minutes yelling and screaming at the people helping him and Jesse and than gave me the wrong street entrance for the car which left. 45 minutes later screaming yelling and finally conferencing calling the car service I got Jim picked up. He was excruitating pain and white than white in shock too I am sure but difficult. He wanted me to put Jesse in his apt. alone. I refused. She is with Clayton and I will take her for walks.

I am doing a youtube right now I told the villager but told them if they posted my photo of jim and used the information they would have to use my name and state the villager sold to developers NYU and MIke Rosen

ditto for you being a major asshole that would mistreated me -- examples teaching me blog but only a part as in knowledge is power but you want the power over me and the worst when I was being gang attacked by cowards and you made it all about your suppose love for me.

There is your FYI because I am sure you want to know because in theory this blog is dedicated to Jim

Your welcome
he is being operated on right now hand and shoulder as well maybe hand badly broken

spoke to social worker in emergency room and will talk with him again to connect with in patient social worker trying to get official paper work to get Jesse official paper work do not say a word because because he uses bogus paper work on subway.

If I can get that I can get her to him and not have to use car service

I do not like you but I will keep you posted
Jim is out of surgery....he has 50 dollars worth of cel phone minutes thanks to me so he called sellout Lincoln on my dime story of my life...Lincoln is doing a piece on Jim

the repaired his wrist but he may need another surgery on his wrist, he also broke his shoulder in two places couldn't help but think he got that backwards broke wrist in two places but he will have another surgery

He will have a social worker help him to finally get more benefits that he has been entitled to but he still is getting a piece in the villager stating he needs support and I urged him to get the paperwork filled out so Jesse is an official service dog.

very tired and drained....
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