Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Marlene "Spanging" on Avenue A ...

Today Marlene was spanging on avenue A ; she had some coin showing ... and probably somewhat more in her pocket . She had made a little money , money that she needs to have a few little extras beyond the room and board she receives at the BRC (Bowery Residents committee) shelter on the Bowery .
Today she noted that she now mostly spanges in the area around the intersection of 2nd avenue and St Marks Place . She claims that she can make more money over there than on avenue A . There are more people to touch for change there but there are also more cops . For old times sake tonight she was back on old familiar turf , avenue A .
Marlene was once more commonly known as "Hot Dog" on avenue A and in Tompkins Square Park . For 20 years and then some she was one of the top 10 hell raisers on the street . She's calmer now , is off the sauce and is living off the street . Her life is much better now . She is waiting for permanent housing .
The BRC housing that she has now is temporary . She is waiting for her "package"( the paperwork) to go through to all the right places . When that happens , if she continues to live the exemplary life that she now lives , she will receive permanent residency somewhere in the city or perhaps across the river in Jersey .

Marlene is the best Bob,and she deserves nothing but the best Bob!!! I am glad she is doing well....
Well hello there neighbor! I just found this blog while doing some research on my new home/block/community. I've been going through the archives-- you've got some really great stuff up here!

I'm excited for my upcoming move and am looking forward to making this community my home. And even though I'm new, if it is any help, I didn't go to NYU, I work in public service and I didn't move to the East Village for the bars!

Out of curiosity, whatever happened to Jim and his pup?
I first heard of Hot Dog when my friend, Todd, said: "That woman standing near the chess tables once gave me a hand job in the Horseshoe bar. It was kinda late and she just wandered over and unzipped my zipper and went to it. I think she's called Hot Dog. Perhaps because she...um...well...I think it's obvious...or something."

The second time I noticed Hot Dog she was spinning in circles under the Krishna tree, knocking over chairs that had been set up by the Krishnas. They were all chanting Hare Krishna, blah, blah, and Hot Dog was spinning to the beat, with her arms out, whacking the occasional Krishna and knocking over their chairs. I think I have some film of it somewhere. IIRC, she was wearing a tight fitting green track suit.

Anyway, I was wondering what she was up to. It's good to know she has something like a roof over her head and people to check in on her.
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