Monday, March 16, 2009


Downtown Fashion Shoot : Jewelry Model Eats Obama Fries at Ray's Candy Store

The fries are what keeps them so thin..
Very insightful Eden Bee
Too bad "Jewels" wasn't around to model his "jewels" for her!!!!
She is not the only model who eats Obama Fries at Ray's. Lots of us do.
I read your blog from have eyes like a hawk an immensely real moment to moment window into the surreal daily happening of the east village. Have you featured James Smith from thompkins square park, he needs some pr for his crochet hats. cheers from firey melbourne
I am very close friends with James,Bob...he would not appreciate that his Australian friend,whom he speaks very highly of,put his full name on the blog! I won't even tell him,and hopefully he does not see this entry;because he would surely not be pleased!!!
Ray's fries give you wings!!
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