Sunday, February 15, 2009


St. Valentines Day Ends on Avenue A With L.E.S. Jewels Pissing at and Chasing Odessa Bar Patrons

haha! great shot! made me laugh. those passersby. I think jewels made it into their conversation last night.
He chased these two and others away from the Odessa front door . These two walked around and out in the street and back to the front door after Jewels was drained .
Avenue A seems weird now if Jewels' penis isn't outside of his pants.
Yes Eden , "Willie" has certainly earned a place among the avenue A regulars .Weekends wouldn't be the same without him .
Jewlz and his family jewelz are like white on rice (whatever that means)!
I really like this one--the blonde girl and Jewels both are holding something dear to them--bbbut one gives out second hand cancer and the other just pee...
As he was chasing these two with about three minutes of steady piss streaming from his wiggling dick, Jewels announced that he was starting a new website called ""
Jewels marking his territory by Odessa bar is a very important and necessary act! However,we do need to take him to the "dog run" every now and then as well....
I guess I could find more humor in this if he didn't already have a history of randomly assaulting people (with a cane, not piss), both tourists and locals alike. One might argue that what's "important and necessary" is for him to get some help. Just sayin.
I also think he should get help... and all the guys out there in the park and around, it must be so hard not to have a place where to live, and find yourself incapable of provide that for yourself...
The behavior reveals the size of the intense pain`and personal drama... I live here for so many years... the last thing i would want happen to me, would be having drunk Jewels piss on my shoes when I come home from a hard day out there working... because he can't recognize me... is not very cool or funny.
Anonymous! I think it would be very cool,and very funny if "Jewels pissed on your shoes after a hard day at work;because he didn't recognize you"...however,I don't think that it would be cool or funny at all,if he did recognize you,and then proceeded to piss on your shoes after a hard days work! But,then again,"that's just my opinion!"....
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