Monday, February 16, 2009


Saturday Night at Ray's : An Update on Ray's Candy Store ...

Not everyone achieved a happy ending to this years St. Valentines Day but most on avenue A were able to get trashed , have fun and still find their own way home . Cupids big day Saturday night , holiday that it was , was not a big money maker for Ray . Ray needed more than what was earned this weekend . The rent is still unpaid and there's the matter of that bad check to Con Edison . Times are tough for Ray and his Candy Store these winter days and there is still no help with Rays Social Security problems .
Though we have been trying for a few weeks now we have not been able to get professional assistance for 76 year old Ray in his so far fruitless effort to begin receiving his Social Security benefits . Most disappointing of all is that the city agencies that claim to exist to help the elderly with their problems have provided no assistance . Ray has some friends that do help though with the many tasks at the Candy Store .
This Saturday night Amy helped Ray by painting a new sign out front ; she has markedly improved the appearance of the store with her many hand painted signs . While Amy was painting out front Jimmy was also painting T-shirts for Ray to sell . His T-shirts , including ones with Obama painted on them , can be seen at Ray's and are for sale .
Jewels , who had somehow managed to spange enough to buy not just the usual can of Sparks Malt Liquor but also some flowers and some lottery tickets , surprised Amy with these Valentines day gifts .
Later in the evening to help Ray serve the Saturday night drunks that are now his main source of revenue , Amy went to work at the counter selling fries , hot dogs , ice cream , malts and egg creams . Jewels being left to his own devices decided to go next door and entertain some young women by dropping his drawers and dancing .

So Bob,how was your Valentine Day?? Good I hope.
Amy is so pretty and sweet and talented. And Jewels is charming too, if he's not boppin' people over the head with his cane, haha. He's handsome and his happy/goofy smile is great, he and Amy clearly adore each other.

Love is an inexplicable and helpless thing. I hope these crazy kids make it. :)

I also love this blog, I have lived on A for a decade and have felt more isolated with every year that passes ... but then I read this blog and look at the pictures and I feel less alone. so thanks
You are welcome .
Excellent!!! I betcha the gals that were celebrating the holiday in the "Yuca bar",were very happy to have a male stripper "Via Avenue A"!!!!
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