Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ray Changes Some Bulbs ...

Hoping that brighter signs might mean more business , Ray changed the bulbs in his unique avenue A sidewalk tower of brightly lighted cones , hot dogs and fries . Times are very difficult for Ray and his struggling candy store , his business is failing , so any change that he can afford that might improve his business has to be made . This Thursday night the change was light bulbs .
Ray's lighted tower of signs had once been , many years ago , his newspaper rack . After years of enduring thieves stealing his papers , and his newspaper profits , Ray appropriated the wood structure to another use . He put light boxes with pictures advertising his products on the former rack and it became and still is the most noticeable stack of lighted images on avenue A.
There was no shortage of personnel out side his candy store .How many of them were actually required to help him change the bulbs is disputed .There was much chatter , advice given , many extra sets of hands ... and uninvolved observers to the side too . In the process of changing the bulbs Ray cleaned the base of the old rack : he found some dead things , a used syringe and trash from years ago . The bulbs were finally changed and a brighter tower of lighted product presentations now prevails today on avenue A at Ray's Candy Store .

Bob,how many Ray's patrons does it take to change a lightbulb anyway????
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