Saturday, February 21, 2009


A Not-So-Rare East Village Celestial Event : Two Moons Over Avenue A Last Week End

One of those moons shines and the other one farts!
Which one is made of Swiss Cheese?
yes this is true
Eden ,a good question , especially for the scientifically inclined , i.e. , all those folks that like definite answers to everything. You can tell by the holes .
also Eden , apropo anonymous above odor too is a clue to identity
This LES Jewels guy is providing you with some excellent material
Just more wildlife photography that's all it is , Cary :hawks ,pigeons , squirrels rats , jewels etc .Sort of like a National geographic whatever on real life in the EV.
The photo is beautiful in its way..
Yes , beautiful ...Ah nature in the raw buff
I prefer a moon over Miami myself!!!
Jewels just needs to be taken to the dog run every now and then!!! I already told you guy's but no one seems to be listening to me!!!!
One Moon I wish I could see in greater detail and the other not at all.
Time to read a book or get above 14th Street, visit Central Park or a museum, ya think?
Well Anonymous ,Central park is a bit tame and inaccessable these days with all the conservancy going on ;books ? we've already read too many ; above 14th st and the museum ? been there ,done that . Perhaps a trip to the zoo though ? Yes thats it , those red-assed baboons . Now that would be a real moon shot .
How can books or a museum compare with real life on the streets?
Most of the time they can't and they don't but once in a blue moon some soul streaks the museum , bookstore or library.
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