Thursday, February 19, 2009


Chaz , Dre and G on Avenue A at Ray's Candy Store

what happened to G's face?
"Alright Ray!,put all the 'Obama fries' in a bag!";"And no false moves old man!!!"....
wow, dude on the left looks tight, jealousy is a weak emotion, see his eyes looking at bills he aint got, dude in middle screamin drug dealer, what he got, 2 for 5? red tops or blue? crazy eddie? twilight zone? or just some weak multiply stepped on garbage ( pronounced gah-badge).
Chaz is such a sweet and gentle soul and how ironic the photo doesn't convey his true nature...
Last time I saw him his hands were swollen and I didn't know if it was an injury or a systemic infection.

I feel for the street people lost in vicious cycles and the police and ems having to deal with them. It seems like they have lost touch with family or family could not handle the behavior..sad sad situation

the un-glamouress nyc that most people do not want to see
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