Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Red Tail Snags Rat in Tompkins Square Park

Sometimes from my roof I can see these hawks flying by with rats hanging from their mouths.
Hey! That rat was Jewels's lunch!
Wow, awesome photos. Especially
enjoyed the shot of the hawk
diving in for the attack.
The hswk flew to a tree , ripped and shredded the rat and then wolfed it down in a couple of hurried bites . It was soon back in the air on wing looking for more . The rat was a small rat ; a juvinile .
Hey, no fair! That was gonna be my dinner.
Awesome photos Bob.
too bad they do not eat the larger, more foul-smelling species that congregate during the summer.
Now if only the hawks could be trained to attack some yuppie scum -- that'll keep them out of our park!!
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