Thursday, January 08, 2009


Napolean in Egypt : Bloomberg in Gaza

Napolean Before the Sphinx by Jean-Leon Gerome

Without listed photo credit from the New York Post , January 7 , 2009

This is great!!
The grinch that stole NYC.
I am anti emperor Bloomberg but very pro his visit and I won't vote for him. That took guts.
Hamas can kill as many Jewish babies children teenagers even just blowing up a high school and not one person with political correct politics has the courage to say they are wrong. Hamas uses babies and civilians as human shields because they are cowards and muslim extremists hide among civilians and take joy in recruiting civilians to kill civilians all using phony bull. They have no respect for fellow Arab people but their extremist behavior is pure cowardice and their greatest high is murder.

Bloomberg does not have my vote but that was brave very brave and gutsy.
Bloomberg should stay in Isreal, where he can buy his way into another election.
Bloomberg should stay in Isreal, where he can buy his way into another election.
Its doubtful that there ever was much danger for Bloomie in Israel and Gaza . Israel's leaders would not allow that ; it would be too politically risky . This show of "bravery" and solidarity was most likely just an attempt to curry favor at home .He went to Israel and Gaza for votes at home .Nothing is beneath this man ... we suggest that all always remember this .

Take a look at all the obviously posed photos--concern and gravitas--in the press made during the trip .

Boney went to the Middle east in the face of danger too .Taking a fleet and an army there for some militarily questionable puposes like taking Suez from the British .He also intended to impress favorably the folks back home and win their support for his growing vision of a new france and Europe .

His vastly superior modern army corp slaughtered the Mameluks at the "Battle of the Pyrimids" , produced the "A Description of Egypt " and discovered the "Rosseta Stone" .He did not secure Suez for France : he lost it , along with his fleet to the British at Alexandria and his army to the Ottomans in Syria .

Though in the end he lost his fleet to the British at Alexandria and his 30000 man army to the Ottomans in an extended campaign in roughly the same place that Bloomy recently visited , he returned home a great man of courage and vision .Loved more than ever by the people thanks to his"public relations team".

When Boneparte's military campaign came to a costly , extended standstill he told his troops that he was unexpectedly needed back in France and skidaddled home to a cheering crowd at the dock ,an awed nation and more power .

These two men are both tyrants--and this is the point of this post--but with Boneparte being by far the more capable ,the more visionary ,the more engaging and the more productive .

Boneparte is and will be remembered ; Bloomberg will soon be forgotten .
I miss the long story you wrote about Napoleon and Bloomie-I wanted to reread it.
Some one needs to tell the fraudulent "sons of King David"
that the book of Joshua is a how
to book on genocide. This billionare ponzi artist Bloomberg
is a plague on this city. Three Stadiums at once and its "the people who wanted more than they could afford that caused our economy to collapse. there is no depression but the rich 4 percent controll 90 percent of Americas wealth. Under Democrats and Republicans our tax dollars have gone directly to the rich for 30 years in the name of economic development. Bloomberg is is a polyp that needs to be removed.
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