Thursday, January 08, 2009


Free of the Asylum to Return to the Bedlam of Tompkins Square Park : Black-Ops Bob is Set Free ...

Yard with Lunatics by Francisco Goya

We have been told that Black-Ops Bob was released from Bellevue Hospital yesterday . Given what had been decided previously at his hearing last week , a surprising turn of events . We haven't talked to him but we are certain he is happy to be a free man again . We'll likely see him soon in TSP .

8 January 2009 ,10:57 PM : P.S.

We spoke with a friend of Bob's this evening and he confirmed that Bob was indeed happy to be out of the Bellevue psych-ward . His friend first encountered Bob around noon Wednesday at Bob's apartment . He noted that Bob will be able to keep his aprtment ; the rent will be paid by one or another public agency .

Bob's friend noted that by late afternoon Bob was back in Tompkins Square Park helping Diane feed the long line of hungry folks that show-up for free food every Wednesday and Saturday along Avenue A.

I am glad all is well with him and that he only had a short time near the abyss.
Is he gonna deploy his nu-key-ler weaponry to exact his revenge on Belleview?
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