Thursday, January 22, 2009


A Debauch in the Trees Could Get You Eaten : A Moral Tale From Tompkins Square Park ...

It's an arboreal Hell Fire Club in the trees in Tompkins Square Park lately . Yes the sex is sizzling everywhere as small fuzzy-butted sciurideans , ardent in pursuit and consummation , live life to the fullest . Its squirrel mating season again and all our bushy-tailed TSP friends are lost in a frenzied search for worldly pleasures .
Two days ago on a sunny afternoon a party of amorous squirrels lost in the haze of a life of frenzied passions , group sex and voyeurism was spied by a Red Tailed hawk as it winged its way around the park . Most of the cupid lanced rodents spotted the hawk and scurried out of harms way . As the hawk approached though , one indulgent passion besotted lover was more concerned with the more narcissistic attentions , vanity of vanities , squirrel grooming behavior .
The hawk swooped in and reached with talons fully open for our furry Narcissus . The winged one missed its chosen afternoon repast and winged off , empty-taloned , into the upper reaches of TSP . Our little fashion-plate of a squirrel though was knocked for a surprising plunge to a snowy landing 15 feet below .

Who needs the Discovery Channel?
These are great - hope you continue
to share them.

Does this hawk miss its mark
often? I'm guessing no, but just
Yes this hawk does miss more often than a mature hawk ,noticeably more than one would expect . Most of the hawks seen in TSP in the fall and winter season are immature hawks no more than 10 or 11 months old : they are still learning to both fly and hunt . By the time they get their red tail at the end of next summer they should be much better at performing their hawkish tasks .
Well, these squirrels weren't married and they were sinning. Don't they watch horror movies? The ones that are doing it are the first to get killed!
Very true Eden . Good point .Guess the summer movies in the park haven't done much to help our squirrels learn these basic facts of life . .
Bob, I really love the nature scenes you're capturing!
Ah , BB its all just more wildlife pictures ,squirrels , Jewels ,hawks etc. .
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