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Another Search for the Truth : A California Court's Decision and It's Consequences in Midtown New York City ...

Mid-afternoon on May 1 , 1992--2 days after an acquittal of 4 cops of charges of beating Rodney King by a jury 3000 miles away in California--a street in mid-town NYC is over-run by several hundred angry protesters .
This protest started in Times Square with a few hundred protesters and found its way , by way of a side-trip through the interior of Madison square Garden , down 7th Avenue to Sheridan square and east to Tompkins Square Park . By the time the angry throng was stopped by police at TSP it had grown in size to over 1000 persons .
See here for some of the details :

the crowd, swollen to about 300, marched south, banging on the shutters and gates of stores that had been shut in anticipation of trouble, and headed for Madison Square Garden at Seventh Avenue and 33d Street.

There, in what witnesses called an apparently spontaneous action, the crowd suddenly stormed through the glass doors of the garden rotunda, shattering two of them. They pounded on pillars, hurled programs for the evening's Rangers-Devils playoff game, stomped the floor and churned through the hallways.

Ticket-holders gathering for the game were startled, some were even upset, but none was attacked, and the police quickly herded the intruders out.

The crowd then left the garden and moved a mile south on Seventh Avenue

My recollection:
I seem to remember the mob fleeing when they realized they were facing Ranger fans and not office workers :-)
We remember entering the Garden and being swept along with the the protesters into the very interior of the building ...and all of a sudden thinking " what the hell are we doing here " . There were very few people in the building . Few if any security personnel made any attempt to stop the protestors from entering .

The other memorable moment was after exiting the building watching the utterly dumbfounded security staff standing immobile and powereless at the doors to the building watching this crowd that appeared from out of the blue . .

We have many pictures of this event and the rest of the day but we were unable find any other than the one posted which was takensomewhere in the west 30s.
I was watching the yankee game and practicing my swing in front of the tv when i heard a roar coming from the street. Neither of my folks were home at the time, so I stupidly went outside to the top of the stoop still holding on to the baseball bat as people rushed down toward the park. I thought, this is ridiculous I can't wait until I am out of here. Of course, I came back.
great shot bob!
great shot bob!
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