Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The End of the M8 : Perhaps If It Had Run More Frequently , More Predictably , More People Would Have Used It

I bet the people on the side streets are happy--the streets are narrow in the west v
I take the M8 twice a day and it is jam packed, standing room only in the morning and evening rush hours. In fact, it is almost always on time. I'd say in the past 6 months it has been on time (within 3 minutes of its schedule) about 90% of the time. Every now and then there will be a week when its schedule is totally fucked up, but then it is back to normal for months at a time. What is most annoying is that going east it is sometimes 2 or 3 minutes EARLY which is frustrating when it only comes 4x/hour, and later at night it is only 3x/hour.
Bob- we have started a petition to save the M8 bus. www.savethem8.org

Please sign it if you get a chance!


Quinn Raymond
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