Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A Correction : " Black-Ops" Bob at Bellevue

Black-Ops Bob , a long time regular in the East Village is , as we noted in a previous post , sequestered in Bellevue Hospital . In that post we stated , as we had been informed by a friend of Bob's , that he was in the psych ward ....we proffer here as an aside , a place sharing much in diverse detail and population with our local Bedlam , Tompkins Square Park . In fact he was in the tuberculosis isolation ward under lock-and-key for observation .
Bob ( a.k.a. Robert Lee Griffin ) having recently been moved by hospital staff , is now indeed in the Bellevue psych ward and wants out desperately . He is asking for visitors to come and converse with him and his doctors on sundry things--perhaps even his secret nuclear weapon plans--to demonstrate to his doctors that he is , while perhaps not completely sane by his doctor's measure , at least not too dangerously crazy to be released .
Bob can be reached at 212-684-9015 to make an appointment to visit him and his doctors in Bellevue building 18N .

What is going on in that drunken santas pants?
I'm frightened. Very frightened.
Who gets to decide who or what is "crazy" anyway? Is it a relatively harmless guy ranting about plans for nuclear weapons (that he is clearly many years away from actually producing) or a bunch of people invading shopping malls dressed as Santa?

Seems like the beast must continually replenish itself with additional bodies to process and to justify its existence. SOMEONE's got to be crazy or they're out of business!!

Bob's surest way out of there is to declare that he has found "god" -- that'll assure them of his "sanity" and he'll be home free!!
How did I not notice the wee santa with the cape?
Gee , Eden I can't imagine how you missed him .
chris flash I agree with you. They always need an "underdog"-
fuck them--
Eden--ghetto people wear 2 sets of underwear in case they get busted--they keep stuff in them--
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