Friday, December 19, 2008


An Avenue A Favorite Recreational Beverage to Disappear : The Spark to be Removed From "Sparks Malt Liquor" ....

A sweet citrus alcoholic drink , favorite of frat-boys , L.E.S Jewels , punks , Crustys and serious all-night partiers in general , Sparks Malt Liquor , will in its original form soon disappear from East Village grocery shelves . This special high energy , alcoholic concoction that has inspired so many to the visionary energy highs that produced so many of the memorable magical moments on avenue A and in Tompkins Square Park seen here on NMNL will soon be merely the stuff of legend .
On drinking Sparks to a state of thorough inebriation one never had to apologize for " being too drunk and tired to continue" ....whatever the task . There was always that little energy boost to help you maintain that Buzz ... and keep on truckin'. At least till you just dropped in your tracks from serious metabolic disfunction .
The Miller Brewing Company , under pressure from government agencies , has agreed to remove all the stuff (caffein , taurine , guarana) from the avenue A favorite that set Sparks apart from other plain malt liquors . The alcohol and sweet citrus flavor of course will remain , if indeed the company even continues to market the product .
No withdrawal panic though ... there are still several similar high-performance recreational beverages remaining on the shelves of neighborhood groceries . See below .

Was Eden looking great tonight, or what?
I'm inventing a new drink for Avenue A. It's going to be called Shparks and ingredients will include high fructose corn syrup, sugar, caffeine, moonshine and horse tranquilizers.
I love this secret admirer. They think I look hot wearing two pairs of pants and ugly boots!
Eden's very presence at Ray's makes all the insanity tolerable!
Did Jewels make all that mess on the sidewalk?
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