Friday, December 19, 2008


2133 Hr. Thursday on Avenue A : In Solidarity With Greek Students ...

We know little firsthand of this event other than at 9:30 or so a group of perhaps 50 t0 75 people carrying a black banner marched , claiming solidarity with students in Greece , up avenue A .Thus we direct you to these relevant anarchist sites :

Nothing is more inspiring than a soft, well fed, twenty-something with expensive sneakers screaming that the world is wrong. It makes me want to charge the ramparts myself.
protesting is fine but, these cowards walk though the neighborhood smashing car windows, scratching paint and spray painting on private property. Then cover their face to hide their identity, what a bunch of cowards. you win no support from the community when you act like common criminals.
Government is violence? The only violence I saw were those very same protesters smashing car windows and spray painting buildings. How does one protest government by causing damage to an innocent persons property?
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