Thursday, November 27, 2008


Man Finds Cape

framing matting of photos light medium dark tones shapes make photos work
There is no framing or matting here . The black surround is simply the image of the camera aperature . It is displayed as here to show that these are full frame images . There is no cropping of images poosible when this black aperature image is visible .
You should retitle this as "Magic Cape Trick in Front of Ray's" or "Cape Finds Man."

Your sequence of shots makes it appear as though the first guy did a magic trick: first he shows us the empty cape, nothing on either side, then poof!! Out comes a guy wearing the cape!!
Is it me, or does Eden keep getting more beautiful every time I see her?
Wow, I'm not even in this post but someone still thinks i'm hot! Heh...
Eden is like a fine wine, getting better as the years go by!
Being compared to wine is the best compliment a gal could get! I'm beginning to like this secret admirer. He has good taste!
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