Sunday, November 23, 2008


Out on Bail ...

For a week now L.E.S. Jewels has been back on the street ; free for a while as he awaits trial and probably also sentencing . His usual alcohol induced aggressive confrontations with stranger and fellow alike all back at the fore on avenue A nights .
Last week Amy paid $500 to bail Jewels out of his lodgings at the Metropolitan Detention Complex , more commonly the "Tombs". For some of the time he has stayed with Amy at her dorm but he has also spent some nights on the street .
Two nights ago he was all hugs-and-kisses at Ray's kissing anyone that he could get his lips on . He made the mistake of placing large wet kisses on Biker Bill's cheek and neck . Bill broke the hugging embrace , pushed him away from his face and told him " you do that again and I'll hurt you real bad " .
Who knows how long this bail-out will work but for now ,with Jewels doing all the wrong things back on the street , things are back to normal on avenue A.

I was wondering where and how Jules was. Glad you located him Bob.
Jules is never gonna learn. Amy can lead that horse to water, but....
Looks like Amy just flushed $500 down the drain into a bottomless cesspool.
Kissing people on Avenue A? I hesrd Jewel's name in the joint was Julie.
So the feds bail-out the financial sector that doesn't deserve it and Amy bails out Jewels, who doesn't deserve it either. No good can come from either of these bail-outs.
Matt (fuck-face tatoo matt) is back as well after a stint in Rikers. There are not too many crusties left and the temperature drops. I wonder what keeps them from skipping down South or out West. It hurts to see crusties out when it is this cold. I made the mistake of taking one in. He stole my camera (with pictures worth far more than he could have possbily got for the old thing).

It is amazing. You try to help these people, but they are not really people. They have lost their humanity. Listen to the things they do to each other. Perhaps we have gone astray as a society. Perhaps those in Cuba and China have something to teach us.
Hmmm. Fuckface is out? He is a pigeon anyway..I too took in a few crusties, and paid dearly for that...I wont name names...anyway, I had to skip town after constant following and shakedowns from the 9precincts finest...and the 7th too...anyway, glad I am able to keep posted....anybody know how Pops is doing?
i agree with the commenter above me, it does hurt to see crusties out when it is so cold like this. i don't understand why they don't just do the usual thing and come back up when it gets warmer!
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