Thursday, November 27, 2008


Jewels Was Drunk and Bored ...

The evening's big drama began with the report from Jewels' cane as it struck with considerable violent force Ray's outdoor sign . We turned to watch and listen .
Screaming " you dissed the women" Jewels ran toward Odessa Cafe , cane aloft aggressively sweeping the air before it . His target of the evening , a short young man standing near the street in front of the cafe , appeared to take at least one blow from Jewels' cane . The women , Amy and Eden , never claimed to have been dissed and took little notice of all the commotion ; Jewels was just drunk and bored and was seeking some emotional stimulation . He certainly found it .
Shortly six liquored-up angry young men were in his face ready to give him what he seems to be so often seeking , a good beating . We kept an eye tuned for knives as the tension grew . The original target yelled out " I know you . I know you from Rikers . You were one of the dope-heads at Rikers ." One drunken "Crusty" stood with Jewels .
This evening began with Jewels and Amy at Ray's passing the time waiting to go to China Town for the bus that would take them on the first leg of their journey to Amy's home for Thanksgiving . Jewels was as usual drinking . Amy was drawing some portraits , among them one of her friend Eden . Throughout Jewels' emotional and possibly tragic drama Amy paid the tumult and turmoil no heed . Very focused on her task she continued to draw Eden's portrait .

Were these shot with film last night or are these old?
The pictures are from two nights ago
The pictures are from two nights ago
These came out great. Expect a possible repeat performance possible Sunday night.
will someone put this guy out of everyone's misery please?
I am sort of getting tired of Jewels and Amy!!
Jewels the loser has nothing to lose by getting busted yet again for the very same shit. After all, it's only Amy's bail money at stake. He's just as home passed out in a piss strewn gutter as he is in a piss strewn jail cell.

Poor Amy....
Has anyone attempted to interview Jewels on video? He would make an amazing subject I am sure
I love how his poor girlfriend has to deal with this fools shenanigans...
i find it pathetic and mildly amusing that people call amy's situation sad, it is of her own doing. in the greater scheme of things, these are just two more fools who inhabit this town and offer nothing in return, claiming they are for the cause and for this neighborhood when all they do is desecrate it. and jewels is lucky, fuck lucky, what i mean is he is a social parasite, a bum, a waste of life, an asshole, a piss ant, a peon, a goon, too bad people always try to see the good in others, even when there is no good to be found.
Come on, leave my man Jewels alone. He's alright. I still remember me and him drawing chalk bodies on the floor of the Court Tavern. Good times, good times...
Hey "Anonymous": Jewels and Amy aren't claiming to be "for the cause" or "the neighborhood" or anything. They are just two participants in the human drama we share, living ther lives, like everyone else on the LES.

While Jewels is on a suicial course, for better or worse (definitely not in her best interest), Amy chooses to stand by the man she loves.

Don't YOU wish you had a woman in your life as devoted to YOU and YOUR cause as Amy is to Jewes? I know I do!!
yea, anonymous, thats me, and you are really count chocula, get the fuck out of here. and i'm good, i dont need a woman who doesnt really have a mind of her own. and "human drama," what would you consider human about these two?
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