Sunday, November 02, 2008


Halloween Wilding Incident at 7th Street and Avenue A

This Halloween at 12:30 or so multiple assaults occurred at the corner of avenue A and 7th street . According to witnesses , a gang of from 8 to 12 young males charged down the western avenue A sidewalk attacking and robbing several Halloween celebrants dragging some female victims a short distance . At least one male was injured . Several female victims were also harmed though we do not know how seriously .
The nature of the motive , other than robbery , for the attack is not known .
According to witnesses the gang of young men left the scene quickly running west on 7th street . It is not known whether police were able to make any arrests .

Hi, I was a part of this group of people and we are trying to get as much information as we can. If you have any more pictures, please let us know to pass them onto the detective.
Sorry but we did not see the event. Our knowledge of the event amount to eye-witness accounts and police radion . We have no pictures ; we arrived on scene too late.
Oh, Bob, don't you know groups of men don't do wilding...must be your len's imagination.
Interesting. Earlier, in the afternoon, I was almost run down by a group of about a dozen kids running down 7th St. toward Ave. B. They were being chased by three cop cars, sirens blaring. I managed to move between two cars but for a minute there I thought I was going to get either crushed by the kids or run over by the cops. The cops got hung up by a truck parked in front of Sunny and Annie's and the kids scattered. Dunno what it was all about but some cops were at the corner of 7th and A writing notes and talking to several rather distressed people. However, this was, oh, 3pm, not night. I wonder if it was the same group of kids?
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