Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A Rare Tenebrous Trace of the Shadowy Character Who Predicted it All : "Holy Grail" at Ray's Candy Store

For as long as we can remember they have been with us on avenue A . They have often gathered at Ray's to harangue and proselytise . They are the prophets , mostly of doom , of avenue A .
They have preached tirelessly monitory tales of financial collapse , end-of-times , space alien conquest , collision with asteroids from space , 2012 , take-over of the country by evil corporations and the the evil designs of the Federal reserve bank among other things .
A couple of days ago "Grail " burst into Ray's screaming that he had warned us and that we had laughed at him . He had been right he exclaimed and now it was his time to laugh ; our world was collapsing right before our eyes and we would all suffer the consequences of that collapse . He had warned us of the Federal Reserve , the world financial elite , Wall street and how they would bring about the end of the world as we know it to gain absolute control of the nations of the world .
He is camera-shy , as most of his kind , and often prefers the shadows of avenue A from which to jubilantly shout to us " I told you so ; I was right " .

Ray's is where it's happening for a gazillion years!!3 cheers to Ray!!!!
Ray needs a new freezer -- it doesn't have to be big, just large enough to hold frozen fruit so that he can make and sell his fantastic and generous smoothies. His old freezer (more than 50 years old) has been turned off due to the high cost ($2,000 per month) of running it around the clock.

I'm looking into getting him something -- can anyone else help out?

[Supporting Ray's means more than just buying a container of fries or a hot dog every now and then.]
Go For It,Baby!
If I win that damn mega millions i'll gladly buy Ray a freezer and anything else he needs. Any day now..any day.
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