Friday, October 10, 2008


Prices Continue to Tumble at Ray's with the Introduction of the New $1.00 Ice Cream Cone

wow--I am coming right over!!!
great as ever!!still the chocolate and vanilla swirl the fave in this hood
times are tough--but I am saving my pennies for another cone--people are walking around like zombies????on meds!!watch out--they didn't have a clue now what--you shit smells too-and you have to clean it up yourself--the big boys took about 20 years to fuck us up--I always wondered how long it would take the yuppies I lived around to mess it up--I am not surprised--I never bought into this shit--cauze where I come from shit stinks!!Brooklyn forever/not.
You have to hear the lasted on Jim -- contact him asap!

Call him.

He needs people to listen to him and compassion.
phone out of order-but I will survive-
Suzannah call him yourself--you have a hate/love thing--give a ring-some bling?
Ray's is where it's at for anyone trying to make the scene....
I just had a dollar portion of Ray's fries -- they really hit the spot at 2:00 in the morning. DAMN he's good!!!!
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