Friday, October 03, 2008


Palin / Biden Debate Presented to Flashing Lights and Sirens at La Plaza Cultural ..

75 or so persons took to the stepped rude masonry seating at La Plaza Cultural to watch the Palin / Biden vice-presidential debate Thursday night .
There wasn't much excitement generated by the debaters and the popcorn supply disappeared too early . Some , though , did seem to be entertained at times , noticeably laughing at some of the debater's comments , usually those of Ms. Palin's .
Two thirds of the way through the debate , not too distant from the screen and assembled audience , red flashing lights were seen and sirens heard . Most present just ignored the excitement while continuing to watch and listen to the debaters . The activity of the several FDNY units seemed to be concentrated on the entrance of the restaurant at the corner of avenue C and 9th street . FDNY did not remain long at the scene and we do not know whether or not there was an actual fire .

she's really dumb!!
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