Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Mosaic Man and Biker Bill Bury the Hatchet ...

Monday afternoon dining at 7A

ABOVE :In more solid times ,when there was still a Lehman Bros. and a Bear Sterns and we didn't fear for our bank accounts , these two friends , both Vietnam vets , out front of their digs at the "Cave" , the old 120 St. Marks Place .
As Mr. Obama puts it "we just have to sit down at the table together without preconditions and negotiate " . Well , that's just what Biker Bill and Mosaic Man were doing today at the corner of 7th street and avenue A . We don't know in any detail what the beef had been that separated these two former friends for several years but today the beef , cheeseburgers , was certainly on the table and being eaten as the two neighborhood celebrities sorted out their differences .

I am glad they are friends!!
Jim can be a terror but he is one of the most magical people most of the time and he has been touching peoples lives here in the East Village with his art for decades...the most diverse people of all ages, backgrounds and he even had a small girl severely handicapped in a wheel chair who could not move most her body but just a few fingers manipulate her wheel chair so her foot could push the mosaic in to the light pole.

For decades he engages people in his art having them join in. He should me his picture with his Viet Nam Vet uniform and he being Jim had drawn a peace sign in the 'O" in Power on his uniform.

Jim drives me absolutely crazy at times and I thought I was having a heart attack when he pulled his last /// //// on me at Christmas but he is so magical, dynamic and his contribution to our community so great and under the most dire circumstances prolific art making of the highest quality....

I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He drives me crazy but I love him.

He needs a new hip, glasses, teeth and a new home.
Hello, I love your blog it gives a great insight into the spirit and day to day dynamic rhythm of the East Village. Has anyone made a documentary on Jim P? Why is someone who is such a community icon at risk again of homelessness. Would none of his friends put him up for a little while?
emily Lloyd is leaving Oct 31 her 189,700 dollar a year DEP job. She sold the people of this city out --//
Some protection. At Ann's is just one example but she was in on it with Amanda Burden, head of DoB now done, Dan Doctoroff now gone, NYU purple reign of terror, USPS that abused their federal status as ususal but endangering our community with regards to environmental concerns and infrastructure and the mayor who wecan't get to leave for the private sector like Llyod making her hasty exit.

None of them including Con Ed had the guts to demand safety before community crushing development

No agencies are investigating this huge concern city wide
And theyneedtobe
I read your blog to follow your photo stories of the people who dwell in your neck of the woods, so it's good to see a post about mosaic man. I'd wondered how he's been doing.
Call Jim asap -- you have to hear the latest and he needs to be listened to
call asap
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