Monday, October 27, 2008


L. E. S . Jewels Does it the Hard Way ....Again ...

The Speed and Daring of Juanito Apinani in the Ring at Madrid by Francisco Goya
Perhaps our cab obsessed "torero" , L.E.S. Jewels , should take a tip from a pro and use a long pole to vault the cabs running avenue A rather than just brandish his cane and then be struck by one as above . Jewels was not hurt but he did take a hit ; with enough Leeds vodka in him he didn't feel a thing .
This bit of street theater occurred Thursday night after having been released from jail earlier in the day : by mid-day next he was back in jail .
With his inimitable talent for accosting , menacing and attacking the wrong people at the wrong time , Jewels , according to witnesses , grabbed some sort of Federal Officer's blue tie and otherwise menaced and threatened this individual earning himself a ride downtown in police custody and free temporary lodgings in the tombs .
He is for the time charged with attempted assault , menacing and resisting arrest . These charges will likely change some before a final decision concerning Jewels' fate is determined . Jewels' first hearing before a judge will be on 6 November , 2008 . Bail is set at $500 .

Perhaps he should become more daring with the coming of winter. Although one would expect a push towards crimes with some type of financial gain, it is easy enough to expect that doing time when it is cold carries a lesser cost.
Yes , it is usually warmer in jail than on the street
i wonder where amy is in all this?
Amy has been on avenue A as recently Saturday . She is going to school in the day and doing homework at night .

She has been visiting with Jewels down at the "Tombs" where Jewels is quartered .
I don't understand how anyone could put up with this dude, especially someone who seems to be trying to progress in life...
"Now that's a Maverick."
Sarah P.
That guy is as appealing as a leaky bag of shit.
Yes, but a leaky bag of shit hurled at recently moved in yuppies and trust fund students is pretty appealing. So it's all in how you look at it.
Yes, throwing a Jewels at the monied transients, yuppie interlopers, NYU brats and "slumming" gentry befowling our neighborhood tends to keep them somewhat put out. Enough psycho madness ala Jewels, instability and outright hostility will rid us of the yuppie menace eventually. I guess Jewels is good for SOMEthing after all!
What has happened to Jewels??he's been in jail-is he still there???
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