Monday, October 06, 2008


As the Local Economy Declines , at Ray's the Emphasis is on Small Items and Value

the very large coffee is really 2 coffees--and very good--
And the small fries can feed more than two people -- how the heck does he do it?

Ray's is a treasure, a living reminder of a rapidly vanishing New York City....
mike bloomberg for community chair
mike rosen community board manager but for a dollar a year not 60 grand
I give Ray all the credit in the world for continuing to work hard but his place is an absolute dump.

Nothing personal but I would never eat there...
Declines in an understatement.

Aw, rays is great. I like it's old new york style...much better than some "clean" sterile yuppie cafe..I eat there all the time.
Please don't get it misconstrued.

When I want good food, I go and get good food. Whether it be from some hole in the wall spot or something more elegant, it really doesn't matter to me whatsoever.

I remember the last time I was there to get a milkshake. Someone had ordered a fountain soda and Ray used his bare hands (which happened to be very dirty), scooped up the ice out of some funky tupperware contraption and began filling the soda.
Ray's is an honest-to-goodness "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" kind of place for real Noo Yawkas who remember what this neighborhood was really like before monied transients, yuppie interlopers and their ilk infected the LES with their contagin, forcing countless mom-and-pop businesses out in favor of countless Starfucks outposts and a bank on every corner, and Ray's is enjoyed by young up-and-comers who appreciate something that smacks of the real New York -- they know the difference when they see it.

If certain yuppie swine don't like it, then PLEASE do us a favor and stay the fuck away -- if fact, why don't you just get the fuck out of our neighborhood completely? We'll even help you out!!!!
Yuppie Heartburn, come on my friend, no need to get that sensitive.

I agree with the points you make as I have been a resident of the East Village for YEARS so please spare all the rhetorical 'get out of my neighborhood' nonsense.
not all the original people are great or were great--dig yourselves!
Ray for Mayor--he would make sure the poor folk had something to eat!!!
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