Thursday, September 25, 2008


Slacktivists Call for a Friday Night Protest at Lazarides Gallery at 282 Bowery at 6 pm ...

Again another weekend will begin with a protest organized by the "slacktivists" . This one will be at the Lazarides Gallery's "The Outsiders , New York " exhibit at 282 Bowery at 6pm and will be followed on Saturday afternoon by a concert in Tompkins Square Park . The TSP concert will be by a different group of organizers but will include performances by "left Over Crack" singer Scott Sturgeon who last performed at the slacktivist's "Donut Social " and was later arrested in TSP for throwing donuts at police .. This time Sturgeon will be performing with "Starfucking Hipsters ".
The location , celebrities to be present and other details of the protest will be found in the Thursday edition of the NY Post's "PAGE SIX" .

Let the festivities begin!
Stza better not get arrested before saturday. I wanna see the show!
what a bunch of losers.

This guy is a hate filled dick.

Who does he think he is speaking for the residents of the east village. Get a job and grow up like the rest of us.

He is worse than the so called yuppies that are "ruining" the neighborhood. What has he contributed other than trying to instigate a riot.
anon- I agree--he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame--
The Page 6 reference that mentions the patronage of Damien Hirst just underscores the soullessness of it all because Damien Hirst has not talent and his entire existence is based on bull shit and he represents the empty headed soulless wall street greed and developers that are all about smoke and mirrors with no substance -- meglomania and narcissists supreme. Hey maybe Mike Rosen will put a Damien Hirst on the top of his duplex on the Christa Dora!
Yea, o.k. susannah...
It just feels like the East Village is run by corrupt greedy wannabees with developers like Mike Rosen deciding he is not a developer anymore but a hero with his Lenin statue which he should move to his luxury penthouse, multi-bar own David McWater deciding what bars to close, Alexandra Militano a lawyer who should know better but clearly doesn't and it is all one big orgy of admiration with local politicians but they don't have to worry

enjoy protesting
To "Anonymous #3 + #4:

Not surprisingly, you don't get it. It is YOU who are among the bunch of losers that our neighborhood is better off without.

The activists, slacktivists, musicians and artists on the Lower East Side speak for their community, the community that your carpet-bagging ilk is clearly NOT a part of, that your leveraged debt and faux wealth will not enable you to buy your way into.

Yuppie scum like you is why I am fully enjoying the market crash and the bigger wider crashes coming in the next few weeks and months that will cause you to lose your fucking shirts. And you DO have it coming to you.

When you find yourselves unemployed and booted from your over-priced apartments, perhaps you'll have a newer respect for those of us who've had to struggle to survive in the inflated atmosphere to which you have contributed.

Hey -- why wait? Why don't you go right now to Mike Rosen's penthouse apartment atop the Christodora House and JUMP!!!!

I assure you both that you will NOT be missed....
cool Mike Rosen. David McWster John Sexton the neighborhood thanks you and now go by some art for your duplex triplexs

John Sexton for community board chair
Mike Rosen cb3 manager
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