Thursday, September 04, 2008


No 70 dB Sound Level Limit Here ...

Today at 3 pm the NFL Kick-Off Concert will begin in Columbus Circle . With residential buildings directly across the street from the stage the sound will be turned -up for the party and there will be no 70 dB sound level limit at 20 ft or for that matter 100 ft. to protect all those residential ears . We know this because the sound equipment in place would make no sense if such limits were applied and enforced .

We stood across the street from a wall of bass speakers , pictured immediately below , during a sound test yesterday afternoon and felt the exceptionally crisp , planar and powerful bass sound waves shake our clothes pounding our chest with a clean hard thud with each beat . This was really hard and pure bass something that most of the time at concerts is never achieved . The middle and high frequencies were strong and clear providing highly intelligible voice and instrumentals . The sound level here was well above 70 dB at this distance of perhaps 100 ft .

From the location pictured above the bass was still clear and un-muddled with the high and middle frequencies highly intelligible . From our experience designing and building sound systems , at this location the sound level we judged was still well beyond 70 dB.
We walked into the park perhaps a distance of 500 yards ; though the bass was now noticeably muddled and less distinct the middle and high freqencies were still strong and voice was also still highly intelligible . We could not judge reliably what the sound level was at this location .
If the city and NYPD are going to apply standards with the intent to limit activities and behaviour then standards and limits should be applied equaly to all . Mr. Penley and Mr. Wade are back in federal court today attempting to force the city of New York and NYPD to apply their standards and limitations fairly without prejudice allowing them a reasonable and fair sound level limit for their permit for Friday night .
Mr. Penley and Mr. Wade will appear in federal court tomorrow morning at 11:30 am to argue their case . They will appear before judge Rakoff in room 6B of the federal building at 500 Pearl Street in downtown Manhattan .

Normally I detest corporate events in public places, BUT... right after 9/11 the city put the call out far and wide to have groups bring their events to NYC. The NFL couldn't hold the Superbowl here (Thanks Silver & Dolans!) so they came up with the kick off concert.

The RNC made the commitment to come to town too :)
The DNC said they would come if the city banned the RNC. When that didn't happen they held their convention in the city where most of the hijackers got on the planes and the home of the dreaded Red Sox to boot :(

I recognize your point, but I think the NFL earned their spot.
All that we are talking about here is due process and equal protection
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