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In the Streets 4 Years Ago During the RNC ...

Above and 10 below . The largest Criticalmass bicycle ride ever occured on the Friday night before the RNC .The ride led to many arrests with most of them occuring on 2nd Avenue between 12th and 9th streets .
Above : Early criticalmass arrests on 7th avenue .

This failed attempt to drape a protest banner across the front of the Plaza Hotel was the first protest action of the convention .
The bomb squad searches an un-attended bag on the north side of Union Square Park on 17th street .

Loan Shark Bob wearing his signature inverted flag harangues a crowd in Union Square Park .

Revolutionary posturing in Union Square Park .

Souvenir sales in Union Square Park .

On 31 August the War Resistors League attempted to make an un-permitted march to Madison Square Garden. Most of them were arrested above but a few minutes after the begining of their march .

The infamous orange netting used to corral protestors on 16th street .

Special high powered directed sound machine on a Hummer chassis on 16th street . Used for crowd control as well as being useful as a highly directional and highly intelligable audio loud-speaker , the round disc on the top of the vehicle radiates two high-power ultrasonic sound beams which are caused to converge at a selected distance and at this convergence heterodyne producing a very intense and local audible sound . This sound can be painful . As far as we know this device was not used at the RNC .
On 31 August there were many marches attempted without permits . This day was known as A31 ,the day of anarchy . Many people were arrested this day . In fact more people were arrested on this day than any other .
One of the largest arrests ( the 12 pictures above )occured on 16th street between Union Square Park and Irving place in the late afternoon and early evening of A31 .

On the last night of the RNC people gathered with candles in Union Square Park for a vigil . After the vigil there was an un-permitted march up 8th avenue towards Madison Square Garden . The march was stopped short of its goal by members of NYPD . Shortly , president Bush would leave Madison Square Garden , the RNC would be over and the many members of NYPD present would soon disband .
The city's highest ranking uniform officer Chief of Department Esposito ( three pictures up on the right ) was in attendence where NYPD stopped the progress of the march .
For today's RNC click here :

Yeah, so? Bush still won the election didn't he? And what exactly did the critical mass ride accomplished? Hate Bush, but don't hate all Republicans. Did you really think that Bush won because only Republicans voted for him? This typr of extreme liberal mentality is no different than being a racist. It's a black or white, either or mentality: Republican=evil Democrats=good.

Yeah, keep screaming:Anarchy, Anarchy. Bunch of overprivileged brat losers. Just because most of these protesters parents are republicans and they hate their parents, they should not project their hatred to all Republicans.
1:23, surely you don't believe anarchism is a leftist ideology.

an·ar·chism Audio Help [an-er-kiz-uhm] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. a doctrine urging the abolition of government or governmental restraint as the indispensable condition for full social and political liberty.

Anyway, I agree with you totally on every other point.
When I saw the Nazi symbol all over the place I felt it was used by dishonest people that love the symbol and used the excuse of their hatred of the Repubilcans to use it.

There was a sign at St. Marks Place that gave instructions including to sue .it was like "hey come sleep at St. Marks Church grounds for free adn sue!

What people don't get is you sue -- the tax payers PAY, which means higher taxs, which is another form of pushing real people out -- people that can't afford the continued rises in taxes...

Come and protest, do it peacefully, and don't sue unless you have to.

It is too bad people--- meaning everyone in these photos --- the protestors and the police can't work these protests out with out all the arrests and holding people for so long.

The bomb squad dudes are very brave.

Very brave.

The police pissed people off arresting so many in broad groups and holding them too long but there was no violence on either side at least that I heard about and that is good considering the sheer volume of the protest.

The policing of the future might be "less is more" -- more laid back and less visual presence, the less arrests the better, short hold time for protestors because people do have a right to protest.

They are strong photographs. You reports put that pathetic rag "The Villager" not a village but nyu-villeger and the developer's the villager aka John "air space" sutter, Lincoln air head Anderson
Bob, I'm trying to get in touch with you about that ICON Realty Management stuff you were blogging about last week, can you contact me at 52Parties at 52Parties dot com? Thanks! Or just visit 52Parties dot com. Thanks!
You know why Republicans are never protesting the Democratic convention? Because they're all at work.
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