Sunday, September 14, 2008



My buddy who takes numbers for the mob was advised by some of his associates working the San Genaro festival NEVER to eat the sausages from there. He was told that they leave them out unrefrigerated and exposed to neighborhood rats. They even took some maggot-infested sausages, cooked 'em real good and then served them up to unsuspecting suckers, er, I mean "customers."

I passed by last night and tried to dunk the guy in the water -- after tossing the balls, I realized that they were too light to hit the target and that even if they had, they'd be too soft to make the guy fall in.

Ahhhh, Noo Yawk City....
Damn Italians! No wonder why they have all those McMansions in Staten Island and NJ.

I went there with my nephew (who was 5y.o. at that time) 7 yrs. ago. We were walking through the this shitfest and one guy (a vendor for one of those dart balloon popping game) picked up my nephew, sat him down while I was forced to play the game so that I can win a stuffed animal for my nephew. As soon as I was done, he wold keep giving me darts to play with (not knowing that those extra darts were not free). And after I finally said no, he turned over the cardboard where the price of the darts were posted, to the other side to show the prices that are more expensive. I ended up paying $80 for playing the games. (yeah, yeah, I'll deserved it for being ignorant, but what is one supposed to do if one has never been to the feast and have so much trust in people?) I haven't been back since, nor do I go to any of those sausage truck in the street festivals. has anyone noticed that those trucks in the street festivals are the one that do not have the prices of their food? Fucking Italians. And this is supposed to celebrate San Genaro. Such sacrilege. If these investment banks are getting their dues, I can't wait until all these festival crooks get their comeuppance. Fucking wops. Mofungo, indeed.
Enjoyed seeing the photos of San Genaro. I have a strange soft spot and nostalgic feel for the festival. I moved to NYC in September 1985 to go to college so one of the first things I did and consequently first memories of NYC was San Genaro. Sure it's a pretty tacky street festival with lots of unhealthy food. But I went back there about 5 years ago with my college roommate and we actually had a fun time. It hadn't changed that much since 1985 and sometimes that can be a comforting thing in NYC.
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